Welcome to Laura Smith vintage home

My love of vintage has been with me for as long as I can remember. I am able to feel an objects energy and can imagine how they touched people’s lives and the stories they could tell.

Old objects have soul and character which is hard to replicate, they’ve been handled, used and loved, carrying the marks of time. Often they were made to last and have a a quality or craftsmanship that is not always found today, they can be unique one of a kind pieces which is why I love to use them to decorate my home.

Buying vintage is a sustainable choice. Beautiful unique items that have been pre loved and welcomed into our homes means less items going to landfill and less new items manufactured. Likewise when I send orders I choose recycled packaging where possible collecting boxes and packaging materials from friends and neighbours before buying new and then only buying recycled materials when the need arises.
Old time worn pieces have a beauty and a history which I love. Rarely do I polish or repair items I find preferring instead to see the marks of their life. The patina of metal or wood worn from years of use bring a real warmth to a home. I do however look for well made, quality items and describe fully both in words and pictures how I see them for you to make an informed choice when buying and I welcome all enquires for more information during your purchase.

In due course I’d like to expand Laura Smith vintage home to offer workshops concentrating on crafts that complement my interests of living a simple, sustainable, creative life maybe incorporating good food or at the very least good cake. For now though thank you for stopping by and if you’d like to be sure of hearing from me with news of new finds or future workshops please join my mailing list and I’ll keep you up to date with my news.  

Peace and love guys,